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Mama Zaynab is a woman Psychic and does Love Portions with over 40 years of experience. She does different Love portions using African traditional powers from her ancestral spirits.

She does different kind of love portions such as Bring Back Love portion, Marriage portion, Commitment portion, Break-Up portion, Curse Removal portion & Good luck portion, Dominance portion, Re-union portion, Attraction portion and Divorce portion. Contact Mama Zaynab for a free reading first to access your situation and the chances of the Love portion working before the Love portion is cast. 

Contact Mama Zaynab first so that she can do a reading first to access your situation and problem. She carries out free readings for everyone to access the situation and the problem before she gives you any help. After the reading, Mama will guide you on which type of love portion to use and the chances of success. Depending on the situation and the Reading, if the chances of success are very small, Mama will not help you.


Although Mama Zaynab makes every effort to provide you with the helpful advice and service, however the success and accuracy on her services may be individual.

The fact that someone you know was helped by Mama Zaynab, does not necessarily guarantee that you will definitely be helped. Every problem is different depending on the situation and the circumstances. Please note that there are a lot of situations in life that are beyond the realm of our powers. The supernatural works in mysterious ways many times beyond human understanding. We do not claim to be an ultimate authority that can and will change the destiny of your life. By using this site you accept the terms and conditions of this Disclaimer..

Love Portions

Mama Zaynab does different types of Love portions for either straight or Gay relationship.

We can not expressly guarantee that the Love portions will expressly produce the desired results you want. The information contained here is subjective and may not apply to your situation. 

Curse removal and good luck portions

Do you get the same problems with every partner you date even when you try to do everything right to make things work? Or are you struggling to stay long in relationships? If your relationships don’t last, then this might be the portion to use. Curse can affect your life in different ways such as it can lead to unsuccessful love relationships, harm your health inform of sickness or can even block any opportunity for promotion or salary increase at work. Curse and bad luck can deprive you from happiness by making all your relationships unsuccessful since love is a very powerful key to happiness. Curse or bad luck can be due to bad black magic, bad Sikhism or bad witches.

Attraction love portions

Do you want to attract a new love partner into your life? Or Do you want your partner to find you much more attractive, alluring and desirable. Do you want to get more sexual attraction, turn more heads and get more glances? Do you want to turn a friendship relationship with someone into a romantic relationship? Or do you want to win some one’s heart so that they can fall for you and have a romantic relationship with you? This love portion might help you.

Bring Back Love portion

Has your relationship lost the love, romance and passion it had? Or has your lover ended the relationship with you? If so, then this love portion might help you.

Marriage Or Commitment Portion

Is your partner cheating and not ready to settle down with you? Are you in a relationship with someone who you want to propose to or to accept your proposal and marry? This love portion works with bondage, commitment and communication and might help you.

Break up Or Divorce Love portions

Is there someone you know that your partner is seeing who is destroying your relationship? This love portion might help you.

Dominance Love portion

Some people are dominants and others love to be submissive.

what my Client Says

The fact that someone was helped in this testimonies, does not guarantee that you will definitely be helped by Mama Zaynab. Every problem is different depending on the situation and circumstances and may not apply to you. we can not expressly guarantee that the love portion we do will expressly produce the desired results you want.

“Everything changed after I consulted Mama Zaynab. Before my marriage was hell. I cried day and night. I could see my marriage falling apart despite all my efforts to make it work. My husband left me with the kids for another woman and when he sent me divorce papers, It was at that point that a friend of mine referred me to Mama Zaynab. She helped me rescue my marriage. My husband came back home and the other woman went back to Australia.  And now it’s like heaven on earth. Thank you Mama for being sincere and keeping your promise”

Cindy Smith

Ontario, Canada

“My girlfriend left me for another man. I was so devastated because she is the woman of my dreams, my soul mate,………. my everything. I just couldn’t live without her. Thank you Mama. I’m now happy with my girlfriend and everything is still great”

Anderson White

New Jersey, USA

“After having a troubled relationship for over one year, my girlfriend left me for another guy. We separated and I was so heartbroken because I had tried several things and nothing seemed to work. I struggled so hard to save my relationship and I consulted Mama Zaynab. She helped me and we are happily back together again.  I couldn’t have done it without you Mama Zaynab. Thanks for Staying with me, when l was alone”. “You are the best”. THANKS

Louis Johnson

Houston TX, USA